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Whether you need one shirt or five thousand shirts, we are ready and willing to work with you on creating the product you want to need!

It's very simple, all you need to start - is an idea. We'll help turn it into a reality!

Below we'll take a look at some real scenarios we've come across but before we do, you need to know about the different technologies CHILLIBULL expertly utilizes:

a printing technique where a vector design is sent from a computer to a machine that contour cuts the design. The design is then heat-pressed onto the garment under high heat using a industrial quality heat-press.

Some FLEX printing features are: Very soft hand (soft to your touch), Extremely durable, No colour loss over time, Will not crack, fade or peel.

a printing technique similiar to FLEX but is printed using a professional "SIGN SHOP" type of machine that first prints the image(s) with eco-solvent inks, automatically dries the ink and contour cuts the design. The design is heat-pressed onto the garment under high heat using a industrial quality heat-press.

SCREEN PRINTING  - the most traditional and widely accepted method of garment printing. If you own a T-shirt, you know exactly what screen printing is. All of our "stock designs" are screen printed unless otherwise specified.

Screen printing is a stencil method of print making in which a design is imposed on a screen of silk or other fine mesh, with blank areas coated with an impermeable substance, and ink is forced through the mesh onto the printing surface. It is also known as silk screening or serigraphy.

Low Quantity, High Quality, 1-3 Colour Jobs (FLEX)
Amanda needed 12 T-Shirts with one colour of print for her Soft Ball team but wasn't ready to spend $35.00 on screen setup fees.

also required artwork because she only had knew her team name "Dirty Mitts" and had nothing else to work with.

After researching on the Internet, she made the grim discovery that typically, artwork fees range from $45-90/hr. Ouch!

This wasn't going to make the ordering the shirts worthwhile.

The Solution

Amanada found CHILLIBULL. Setup fees on small orders are a thing of the past!

As far as the design, we took one shot at it and got it bang on! The order shipped within 24 hours of being placed!


Low Quantity, High Quality, FULL Colour Jobs - (FULL COLOUR-FLEX)

Jenna required 25 "Olympic Themed" Longsleeve shirts for a week-long event at work. Given that the, "Olympic Rings" are 5 colours, plus an additonal outline colour, at standard industry setup rates, this would be 6 x $35.00 ($210.00!) even before the cost of labour, design or the shirts! Big bucks!

Traditionally, the setup alone would kill the deal or dramatically cripple the quality of the finished product by reducing colours, etc, but not at CHILLIBULL.

The Solution

 NO SETUP FEES. NO DESIGN FEES. CHILLIBULL worked closely with Jenna, making several revisions to get the desired result. And it was a big hit at the event!



High Quantity, High Quality, Single or up to 8 Colour Jobs - (SCREEN PRINTING)

Dave contacted CHILLIBULL with the type of request that is music to our ears! Dave needed 400 T-shirts with his four colour logo printed on the front.

Dave already had his artwork in vector format, so CHILLIBULL, went into production mode immediately.

Turn around time from start (contact) to the delivered product was just three business days!




It's your turn! (Contact CHILLIBULL!)

To contact CHILLIBULL via e-mail, please use this form.

Alernatively, you may call (705) 201-1107

welcomes all enquiries and we especially LOVE finding new business opportunities and partners!